Drinking And Boating Kills

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Drinking and boating can be even worse, as the risks are far greater while on the water, and the consequences may be

Bikers At High Risk For Fatal Accidents On US Roadways

The Department of Transport (DoT) recently revealed some frightening information about motorcycle accidents. The DoT report showed that 4,612 bikers were killed in 2011. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration

Could Madd Plates Work In Texas

South Carolina’s MADD came up with a new way to drive home the message that drunk driving kills – a new special license plate remembering drunk driving victims. In South

Future Drunk Drivers May Be Grounded

These days, if the inebriated person will allow it, others will take away his or her keys to prevent the person from driving. In the future, that may not be

When Is A Motorcycle Not A Motorcycle

A motorcycle is not a motorcycle when it is classified as a moped. Keep in mind, mopeds are just as dangerous when it comes to accidents. As an Austin personal