Personal Injury Representation in Central Texas

Lee, Gober & Reyna would not exist if our founder, Robert “Bobby” W. Lee did not see a vital need for quality legal representation in our area. Working in larger law offices, Bobby found that the culture of service and ethics often did not fit with his beliefs about how clients deserve to be treated.

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At Lee, Gober & Reyna we strive to form meaningful relationships with our clients. It is our goal to treat you as family.

What does this mean for our clients?

  • We won’t accept a settlement unless it’s truly fair to you
  • We will never back down from a trial if it’s in the client’s best interest
  • We will always go the full distance in pursuit of just compensation
  • We will never charge excessive fees that eat into your settlement
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An Attorney Who Will Share Your Risk

Insurance companies often try to intimidate injured claimants into accepting unfair settlements. The threat goes like this: “take what we’re offering, or go to court and risk getting zero.” Because of this, some so-called “trial lawyers” never go to trial! Not here at Lee, Gober & Reyna.

Attorneys’ paychecks come from their clients’ settlements. For a lawyer, accepting a “sure thing” settlement – even an inadequate one – at least ensures that he or she be paid for all the hours of work.

That’s why an attorney who truly has the client’s interest at heart must be willing to “roll the dice” when necessary. Lawyers have to share the client’s risk. At Lee, Gober & Reyna, that’s what we do for every client who comes in the door. Your best interest will always come first.