Austin saw over 15,000 car accidents in 2016 according to the Texas DOT. Seventy-nine of those accidents resulted in a fatality. Of course those numbers grow as you include the greater Austin municipal area. Statewide, over 265,000 people were injured in auto accidents on Texas roads in 2016. Our Austin Car Accident Attorneys understand the stress and hardships caused by a car crash. Our staff is trained and experienced in helping people recover as quickly and completely as possible after a crash.

Texas DOT reports that someone died every day on Texas roads in 2016. Almost 20,000 people were seriously injured in a car accident in Texas in 2016. On average, someone died on a Texas road every 2 hours and 20 minutes in 2016. Someone was injured every 1 minute and 59 seconds. And every 57 seconds, on average, a traffic crash occurred.

Distracted driving | Austin Car Accident Attorneys

Distracted driving deaths decreased in 2016 from those reported in 2015. In 2017 the Texas Legislature outlawed the use of handheld devices while driving statewide.  Many cities and counties also have laws or ordinances banning the use of handheld devices while driving.  Officials hope these laws – along with an educational campaign by Texas DOT – will result in fewer distracted driver deaths.  Our Austin Car Accident Attorneys know how to hold distracted drivers responsible for the harm they cause, and we want to fight for you!

Animal / Vehicle crashes

There were just over 11,000 accidents between animals and vehicles in Texas. These accidents resulted in 31 deaths and almost 400 injuries. Texas law is complicated when it comes to whether an animal owner is liable for the injuries sustained by a motorist who is involved in a crash with his animal.

DWI and Drunk Driving Accidents

There were about 19,000 alcohol or drug-related crashes in Texas in 2016. 14,488 of those drivers were listed as under the influence of alcohol, while 3,550 were listed as under the influence of drugs. The remaining were listed as either taking medication or having been drinking. A driver is liable for accidents they cause regardless of whether they were taking prescription drugs, or drinking alcohol. Our staff are experts in DWI detection and testing and possess the know-how to prove your case to the insurance company or jury. Read more on our Drunk driving accidents page.

Car crashes | Austin Car Accident Attorneys

Several years ago many police and governmental agencies began referring to auto accidents as crashes rather than accidents. The theory was that cars do not run into each other unless someone does something they were not supposed to do (or didn’t do something they were supposed to do). Our Austin car accident attorneys have years of experience investigating and prosecuting car accident cases. We can help you get a fair settlement, or represent you at trial if needed.

Roadway Obstructions

One of the more common Austin car accident causes is roadway obstruction. Obstructions come in many forms and cover everything from a broken-down vehicle, to a car illegally stopped or parked in a lane of travel. Learn how we investigate and process Austin car accident cases. When you’re looking for Austin Car Accident Attorneys, contact us and let us show you why our clients consistently thank us and provide glowing recommendations of the job we did for them. We are aggressive, professional, and experienced in handling all types of car accidents.

Truck Accident Lawyers

It’s no surprise that truck accidents often result in more serious injuries than car versus car accidents.  Trucks are generally allowed to carry 80,000 pounds including the weight of the vehicle.  Some trucks are allowed to carry even more with special restrictions and requirements.  The average passenger car in the United States weighs just over 4,000 pounds.  Obviously, this huge weight disparity means the car driver and passengers get the worse of the damage.

Truck drivers are required to follow federal safety regulations, and failure to follow those regulations may result in the trucking company being held liable more easily than they otherwise may have.  Our Austin Truck Accident Lawyers know the safety regulations truckers are required to follow.  We understand how to find and preserve evidence the driver in your accident failed to follow required safety regulations.  If you’ve been hurt in a trucking accident contact our Austin Truck Accident Attorneys right now for a free case evaluation.  We will explain how we will help you recover the money you need to recover from the injuries you received at the hands of a negligent truck driver.

Austin Bicycle Accident Attorneys

We represent people who are injured while riding a bicycle.  Bike versus car accidents is among the most severe types of injuries we see.  Bicyclists do not have metal and padding around them to protect them in the case of an accident.  Often these cases involve two types of injuries.  The first injury a bicyclist gets is from the impact of the car.  These injuries almost always involve injuries to the legs and sometimes the hips.  The second class of injuries is when you are thrown from the bicycle and land on the roadway or are thrown into an object – like a street sign.  This second class of injuries are the ones that are often life-threatening or life-altering.

Austin is known to be a bike-friendly city, and we have bike lanes all over town to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  The City of Austin, as well as the State of Texas, have posted signs and advertisements warning drivers to carefully look for bicyclists.  There is no excuse for motorists striking a bicyclist who is lawfully riding in a bike lane and observing the traffic laws.  Yet, we see cases all the time where a car turns in front of a bike, swerves into a bike lane while distracted driving, or any number of causes.

We represent bicyclists injured by cars, SUVs, or trucks, and we know how to explain to insurance companies and juries how you were injured, and the fair amount of money you deserve for your past injuries and future needs.  If you’ve been involved in an accident with a car while riding your bike, don’t wait, contact our Austin bicycle accident Lawyers right now for your free case evaluation!