Texas highway, better known as Texas 6, appears to have a reputation for being one of the deadliest roadways in the Bryan-College Station area. Is there any truth behind the hype, or is it the drivers that are deadly?

According to local law enforcement and government authorities, Texas 6 is not any more dangerous than other local area roads, and yet, its reputation precedes it, a reputation which as been enhanced by recent accidents, including one that killed 19-year-old Callie Harden. Harden’s vehicle apparently rolled over as a result of overcorrecting when making a lane change. She was ejected from her car.

Consider also the case of Frank Douglass IV, who met his death when he drove his truck in the wrong direction and ran into an oncoming big rig, or the death of Marcus Ewing when he rammed into the back of the police car responding to the big rig accident.

Police reports of the accidents indicate that none of those killed were wearing seatbelts, a factor that may well have affected the safety of the drivers involved in those collisions. However, there are times when seatbelts do not help a driver.

Were there other factors at play in these deaths? That is a possibility, and those factors may include inattention, driving while distracted, DWI, texting while driving, falling asleep at the wheel, driving under the influence of a drug or speeding. All three recent wrecks are being investigated.

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