There are a number of ways to get into a car accident while driving, but sex is likely one of them that police do not see too often – but did in this case.

A Houston man was recently handed a citation for causing a wreck while having sex. It was an awkward situation to explain to responding law enforcement personnel, but the male driver attempted to offer them a story to explain what happened.

He indicated he had just picked up a lady friend of his and suddenly a man hopped into the back seat of his vehicle. Allegedly afraid of being attacked and possibly shot, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a truck.

While that story may have worked in another scenario, the accident was clearly witnessed by several other drivers and they told police a totally different story. One said the car driver and female were having sex just moments before the collision and just prior to the wreck the driver was all over the place trying to steer the vehicle. Evidently, the female also attempted to steer the car but was unsuccessful in avoiding a rear-end collision with a truck stopped at a red light.

Distracted driving can mean anything from texting to talking or sightseeing to sex. Just don’t do it.