Motorcycle riders are often regarded as second-class citizens on the road by other drivers, despite the fact that they have every right to be on the same road as cars and other vehicles. More often than not, any accident involved a biker and another vehicle was not the fault of the motorcycle driver. Usually, any accident was the result of a vehicle turning into the path of the biker.

With nowhere else to go but into the side of the vehicle, accidents like this often seriously injure or kill the biker. And yet, if a case goes to trial, it is the biker who is made out to be the one at fault.

Bikers who do survive a crash may have spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, multiple broken bones, crushed or broken ribs and other broken or amputated limbs. This is not the time where they need to deal with an insurance company, either.

If you want fair and equitable compensation for pain and suffering, traumatic injuries, medical bills and lost wages, you need to speak to a competent injury lawyer. The insurance company is not there first as your friend. Do not speak to them without first talking to your injury lawyer.