A motorcycle is not a motorcycle when it is classified as a moped. Keep in mind, mopeds are just as dangerous when it comes to accidents.

As an Austin personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen a lot of unusual accident cases over the years. The latest variation on the theme came in the form of a moped accident, not a motorcycle, but moped. On the surface, they do seem to be similar and in some ways are; however, there are some major differences. One similarity is the requirement that moped riders use helmets, just like their cousin the motorcycle.

While the rate of head injuries did go down when moped riders started using helmets, the risk of injury on them is still at an all-time high – much like the risks associated with a biker crashing his ride. One thing is abundantly clear, the moped rider is just as exposed to traffic as a biker and because this is the case, they can and do suffer some very debilitating injuries when involved in a wreck.
A biker’s ride is heavier, its tires are more solid, and it is capable of generating some mean speed when the occasion arises. The same can’t be said for a moped. It more or less gets to where it’s going, when it gets there, is fairly lightweight and its smaller tires mean they are in major trouble if they hit a pothole.

Generally speaking, the most common cause of moped accidents is getting into an accident with another car. This is the same when it comes to motorcycles as well, but they are also famous for being laid down to avoid even more serious injury. Mopeds don’t lay down all that well, which may tend to increase the kind of injuries they sustain when colliding with a car.

If you’ve been in a moped accident, you do the very same things someone who has been in a car or motorcycle accident does: call the police and get medical treatment immediately. Keep to just the facts when the police take your statement, don’t say something you are not sure of and don’t guess what speed you were going. Guessing gets you in hot water later when the details of the accident may come back to haunt you.

Once those bases have been covered, call an Austin personal injury lawyer and book your free initial consultation to discuss the details of the case. If you have a solid case that your attorney will be taking to court, they will discuss things like possible compensation for your injuries with you.

Your Austin personal injury lawyer will explain to you that there are a variety of factors that are included in figuring out the value of your personal injury claim. It’s a complicated system, one that your Austin personal injury lawyer knows very well. In a nutshell, it’s most likely that your compensation would be calculated on how much damage your moped sustained, what your medical bills were, any pain you suffered, and any future loss of income that may result from your accident and your injuries.

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