It’s bad enough that drivers and pedestrians have to be on the alert for distracted drivers, but not many people think about cyclists. Cyclists are a large part of the driving landscape in many American cities, and if a driver is texting while behind the wheel, the cyclist is at risk of being hit. Houston, one of America’s largest cities, still lets drivers text while traveling on freeways, although that may change.

The main argument against passing any legislation that restricts a driver’s right to use cell phones while they are driving involves the freedom to communicate and government interference in the lives of private citizens. While a valid argument, the stronger one is that restricting or banning distracted driving saves lives, and the right to live and be safe is paramount to many.

The other issue facing hot debate is whether drivers should still be allowed to use hands-free devices. According to numerous studies released within the last few years since cell phones became so prevalent, hands-free and handheld are both equally distracting and the safest way to drive is without any e-devices in the vehicle.

Civil rights are a good thing to have, but if they come at the expense of another’s life, something needs to be done to remedy that situation. The right to life far outweighs the right to use a cell phone in a moving vehicle while talking about something that can wait. We never used to have mobile devices in vehicles and there were not so many accidents. With the advent of more e-devices, the death rates have soared.

If you travel with a cell phone, do not use it while driving. Any conversation you need to have with someone can wait until another time. Your life and the lives of others around you depend on it.