Houston habitual drunk drivers can end up in jail if they have an extensive record for driving while intoxicated (DWI). It happened recently in the case of Bobby Martin, a 64-year-old Montgomery County resident, who was handed 10 years behind bars for his 10th drunk driving conviction.

Texas jails are home to 32 other inmates doing time for having three or more DWI convictions. Martin’s record shows he has done prison time twice before for DWI convictions — one four-year sentence and one 15-year sentence.

Montgomery County has the dubious distinction of having the most DWI drivers behind bars (four) than compared to Harris County (one), whose population is larger. It actually has more DWI drivers behind bars than any other locale in Texas. While penalizing habitual DWI drivers might get them off the streets for the duration of their sentence, it appears the convictions alone do not stop them from drinking or re-offending once released.

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