Texas highways see a lot of traffic during the Christmas holiday season.  Christmas day is typically one of the busiest holidays for Texas car accidents.  If the weather forecasters are right, we may even see snow this Christmas.  Here are some things you should be aware of if you’re planning on driving this upcoming Christmas weekend.

Time of Day Matters

Most car accidents the happen on Christmas tend to occur in the afternoon hours on Christmas Eve through the evening hours of Christmas Day.  Many drivers are tired and impatient to get to their destination, which may lead to unsafe driving habits.  Distracted driving, of course, is always a concern as parents deal with excited or exhausted kids.

Make sure to plan extra travel time so you are not rushed.  Car accidents can slow or block traffic for hours, so if you have the time, plan ahead and arrive early if there are no roadway obstructions.

Distracted Driving and Situational Awareness

A term lawyers are hearing more and more in car accidents is “situational awareness.”  While there’s not necessarily an agreed to definition of that term, it basically looks at whether the driver was distracted by people or technology in the car, or things happening outside the car – like another accident for example.  Staying focused on your driving and maintaining situational awareness will help prevent auto accidents.

Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is important for a whole lot of reasons, but especially true when you’re driving long distances.  Before leaving on your Christmas road trip make sure to check your engine fluid levels, and tire.  If you have low tread or bulges in your tires, it may be necessary to find another way to get to your destination.  Breaking down on the side of a busy highway is not only inconvenient – it’s dangerous.

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle before taking a long road trip.  This is even more important when winter weather threatens to make travel more difficult.

After An Accident

If you find yourself involved in a Texas car accident you should immediately move your vehicle to the shoulder or off the roadway if possible.  Blocking the roadway can result in more accidents and turn a bad day into a nightmare.  Be sure to give your name and insurance information to the other driver but do not argue with anyone at the scene over who caused the accident.  Tell the police your version of events, but do not argue with them.  Everything you say and do at the accident scene may be recorded by the police or others.  Jurors will evaluate your attitude and behavior on these videos.

You should contact us as soon as possible after an accident.  Physical evidence can be lost almost immediately, and it is never safe to assume the police or anyone else will properly document the accident scene.  They often do not take pictures of skidmarks, scuffmarks, or debris fields that can be crucial in proving your version of events to a jury.  Insurance company representatives will likely go to the tow lot to inspect and photograph your vehicle with hours of a serious accident.  It is important you have a law firm on your side who can do the same.  Contact us right now for a free, no obligation case evaluation.