Self Proclaimed “Stripper Witch” Kills Passenger by Impalement While Driving Drunk

Bizarre case includes a coven of witches and a warlock trying to hex disbelievers.

“I’ve been involved in, heard about and read a lot of strange cases over the years,” said Bobby Lee, a personal injury attorney of Lee, Gober and Reyna in Austin, Texas. “But this one really took the cake: witches, warlocks, a stripper, Wiccan members, drinking and death by impalement. This story was almost too bizarre to believe, but it did happen. There is no doubt that drinking makes people do strange things that may have fatal consequences.”

This case began when a 25-year-old woman driving a PT Cruiser rammed into the back of a parked flatbed truck, instantly impaling her passenger. The driver woman said the accident happened because she was distracted by the man trying to fondle her. The man’s family are denying that allegation and pointing instead to her alcohol consumption prior to the wreck. The woman admitted to police she had consumed at least two beers and two vodka and Red Bull cocktails prior to getting into her car.

The woman indicated she had not wanted to drive but said her friends insisted she was the least drunk of the group and therefore had to take the man home. “The issue is she was driving under the influence and killed a man. It does not get much more straightforward than that. Whether or not she was a stripper, a witch and had an uncle who threw a hex on anyone who would harm her is colorful but not relevant to the case,” said Lee. “Although it does raise some questions about her ability to make rational decisions.”

Police charged the woman with drunk driving and vehicular homicide. When she appeared in court, the witch coven she belonged to showed up to offer support.

“This is an interesting case, and one that has the hallmarks of being a three ring circus. However, the real question is whether she will be found guilty of vehicular homicide and driving while under the influence. I’d have to say yes, it is highly likely. While not everyone is going to find themselves in a situation like this one, if you are involved with a DWI case, an experienced personal injury lawyer can offer help to victims of drunk drivers,” said Lee.

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