$175,000 Car Accident Settlement

Our client’s claim had been denied after two years because the insurance company blamed her injuries on domestic violence. Once we were retained we filed suit and she received over $175,000 for low back and neck injuries suffered in a T-bone collision.

$50,000 Auto Accident, Policy Limits

An older female was hit by an uninsured driver. Suffered injury to shoulder requiring surgery. Her insurance denied the injury claim. Just prior to arbitration we settled for the policy limit of $50,000.

$50,000 Policy Limits

A family was being sued and their claim was being denied. We went to the MSC and not only got the claim against them dropped but forced the other party’s insurance to pay the policy limits.


Auto Accident Settlement.


Premises Liability Settlement.


Property Damage Settlement.


Car Accident Settlement.


Auto Accident (Policy Limit).


Auto Accident Settlement.


Auto Accident (Policy Limit).


Car Accident Settlement.