Melissa Laurel
Melissa has been a paralegal for 23 years working in the Personal Injury field. Born and raised in Crystal City, Texas, Melissa graduated from from high school and moved to the South Side of San Antonio, Texas where she has remained for the last 24 years. Melissa graduated from the University of Texas in San Antonio in 2011 with a BS in Criminal Justice, minoring in Communications. She then went on to receive a Certificate in Legal Studies in 2011 from UTSA.

Joining the team at Lee, Gober & Reyna in 2022, Melissa quickly meshed with the team and took on a variety of cases. Having years of experience in the field of personal injury, Melissa instantly makes clients feel at ease with her work on their case. She is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough and is know by our clients for her excellent communication regarding the status of their case.

Melissa is a proud single mother of two children, Angel who graduated from Incarnate Word University in 2022, and Abigail, who is pursuing a career in real estate. In her free time, Melissa enjoys writing poetry and short stories, listening to music, and especially spending time with her beautiful granddaughter, Scarlett.