Personal Injury Paralegal

Abel Perez
Abel is an Austin native who has been working as a personal injury paralegal since 2011.  He has worked countless cases and gets great satisfaction out of helping clients receive fair and just payment for their pain, suffering, property damage, and lost wages.  Abel speaks Spanish and enjoys helping our Spanish-speaking clients as well.


Abel has extensive experience in investigating personal injury claims including auto accidents, premises liability, trucking accidents, and much more.  He often works closely with clients to get an understanding of how an injury happened and to learn where we can find evidence to support your claim and obtain the best settlement or verdict we can.


Abel is well-liked by our clients and works closely with them to make sure they are getting the proper medical care and other services needed to recover as quickly and fully as possible.  He understands the stresses injured people undergo while their case works through the legal system.  He often is the key client contact for his personal injury clients.


When not working for the injured, Abel enjoys art as his hobby, including drawing, painting, crafting and taking on new and challenging projects.