The media was recently informing the citizens of Texas in the Carrollton area that a suspected drunk driver had slammed into two police cruisers. The whole event was captured on a dash cam. It appears that 29-year-old Jose Fabian-Gonzalez was behind the wheel of his truck when he lost control, hitting one patrol car and then careening into another one.

His truck ended up facing backwards on the highway, and as it came to rest, a tire came loose and rolled away from the scene. The first patrol car hit was totalled. On being arrested, his field sobriety test indicated his BAC was .15, above the legal limit of .08. But for the silent dash cam witness to the event, the whole debacle could have deteriorated into a finger-pointing contest of who did what when determining how the event happened.

While some drivers question the reason for having a dash cam, an incident such as this one clearly demonstrates that you cannot argue with what has been recorded of a crash or other event. And when the dash cam happens to be mounted in a police cruiser, it is even harder to mount a reasonable defense against a drunk driving charge.

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