How Can An Attorney Help In A Car Accident Injury Situation?

How Can An Attorney Help In A Car Accident Injury Situation?

Safety is the primary concern of anyone who has been in a car accident in Austin, Texas. Bad decision making after a collision can lead to medical complications, legal jeopardy, financial disaster, and loss of driving privileges or insurance coverage. The outcome could also have a negative impact on your job and family relationships.

When you combine all the above factors, it’s easy to see that this situation is too much to handle on your own. This is especially true if you’re suffering or recovering from injuries caused by the accident. You need help, and the first person you should seek out is a personal injury attorney.

The truth is you can’t take the risk of not having professional representation if you’ve been involved in an accident – especially one that has left you injured, impaired, or unable to work.  

How Will A Car Accident Attorney Handle Your Claim

Here are some things your Austin car accident attorney will do to make your life considerably easier after a major vehicle collision.

Remain Silent

Every accident scene creates potential criminal liability. The easiest question an attorney ever gets from a client is “should I talk to the police?” The reason that question is so easy is that the answer is always the same. Even a personal injury lawyer will tell you to keep quiet until they can arrive to help you navigate the situation.

Since you’re not going to be talking to the police, there is no reason for you to be talking to the other people involved in the accident either. There is nothing that will delight the police, the prosecutor and your insurance company more than a screaming debate along the side of the road at 1 AM between you and several other angry drivers.

Finally, when it comes time to report the accident to your insurance company, your attorney will insist on performing this important task on your behalf. This will help you preserve your insurance coverage and avoid enormous expenses down the road.

These three benefits will save you untold months or even years of legal hassles, lost time, and lost money…

Gather Evidence

Your attorney will be your champion in the event one or more disputes arise as a result of your accident. They will also help you gather the evidence necessary to avoid responsibility if you were not at fault. They know the burden you face if you find yourself going to trial or dealing with reluctant unsympathetic insurance companies. There will be hearings, depositions, evidentiary hearings, litigation, expert witnesses and possibly even appeals.

What you probably already know and your attorney definitely knows is the driver who can recreate the accident scene with photographic and documentary evidence is the driver most likely to succeed in the event of litigation.

The people you will want to talk to at the scene are any potential witnesses to the accident itself. Since you’ll probably be carrying a mobile phone, you will have the ability to document their statements in real-time. Your attorney will be the one recommending you get their statements on live video.  It’s also extremely important to capture video or photographs of the relevant details of the accident itself, including road conditions, the locations of any surveillance cameras, vehicular damages, and the contents of the other drivers’ vehicles if possible.

Chances are very good that other drivers won’t be thinking quite so far ahead. But you will, because you retained a personal injury attorney in Austin, TX.

Relieve Stress

Your attorney has a legal duty to zealously represent your interests before, during and after the legal obligations of a car accident. Their job is to take the details of the various issues out of your hands and do the right thing on your behalf so you can concentrate on recovering.

This kind of help will be particularly valuable if you are injured or hospitalized. Someone has to be on the ground handling the insurance companies, the medical bills, the police reports and the disputes with the other drivers and their insurance companies. All of this activity has to be conducted within the bounds of the law and has to be done in such a way as to protect your interests, both legal and financial.  You can’t be expected to handle all that by yourself from a hospital bed.


Not all accidents are someone else’s fault. In fact, in many cases two or more drivers share blame for accidents. With the multitude of circumstances and the multitude of laws, this isn’t surprising. If you are wise enough to retain an attorney you will have the opportunity to join a frank discussion of your legal options based on the facts instead of speculation and theory. The reason you can speak freely with your attorney is because of attorney-client privilege. Nothing you say to your attorney can ever be used against you. It must be kept confidential. This is an important part of your rights under the law and under the legal canons of ethics.

Very few people are prepared for the magnitude and complexity of the aftermath of a vehicle accident. The interlocking legal issues, medical bills, litigation, insurance claims and attempts by other parties to gain an unfair advantage can all be quite hazardous without expert advice and assistance from someone whose career involves navigating such cases.

It never hurts to explore your legal options even if you choose not to retain counsel. Give us a call or email today. Let us sit down with you and show you what a motivated and competent law firm in Austin, TX can do to help you avoid unnecessary delay and complications of an auto accident. You might be surprised at how much can be accomplished with minimal upfront expense – and how much our counsel can affect the outcome of your case.  Once we’ve joined your legal team, it is our job to protect you and your interests.