Three Questions To Ask When Looking for a Car Accident Attorney

Three Questions To Ask When Looking for a Car Accident Attorney

Most people never have to go through the process of hiring an attorney. While litigation is more common today than in the past, it is still rare for the average person to get to the point where they actually need to retain legal counsel.  That said, one of the situations likely to inspire the search for a lawyer is a car accident, especially if there are injuries or property damage.

What most people don’t know is exactly how to go about qualifying someone to represent them after a car accident. Having little knowledge of the legal situation, it is easy for an inexperienced driver to not only create more problems for themselves before they retain counsel, but also to stumble during the process of consulting with firms over questions of circumstance and law.

If you are facing the aftermath of a car accident and you need to find someone to help you navigate the legal quagmire, here are some things to consider.

Personal Injury Experience

One of the biggest snares in vehicle accident litigation is the fact that every collision triggers all kinds of potential liability. Leaving aside common traffic violations, there is always a possibility of these various legal considerations entangling your case in ways you might not predict.

As all attorneys know, the law is intricate and fraught with pitfalls, especially in vehicle accidents, and especially for those drivers with little experience. Any legal advisor should be able to help you navigate any of these issues in their role as advisor and legal counsel.

Insurance Experience

A sophisticated driver will know better than to engage with any insurance company, including their own, in the aftermath of an accident. The reason is simple. Sophisticated drivers know insurance companies are looking for reasons to deny your claim, and there’s no better source of justification than a driver who isn’t thinking straight on a recorded line at 2AM. 

The truth is your Austin car accident attorney should be dealing with your insurance company.  Not only do they understand the basics of your relationship with your insurer, they also know the insurance code and can read a policy critically.  These are activities the average person has no experience in, and for good reason.

Trial Law

If your case gets to court, you’re going to need a litigator. Not all lawyers are at their best in front of judge and jury.  Some prefer filing motions and writing briefs. That’s fine, provided they aren’t being asked to represent you in the cut and thrust of a civil or criminal trial.

Good litigators are hard to find, so don’t expect instant success.  That said, find someone who knows their way around a courtroom, because there is a good chance your case could end up there.  If you do manage to find someone who knows what they are doing, your chances of prevailing increase dramatically. Good litigators are like good screwball pitchers.  They are worth their weight in gold because they are devastating at their best.