Pickup driver runs red light, killing motorcyclist

A recent motorcycle accident in Austin saw a truck running a red light collide with a motorcyclist. The accident happened in the early afternoon, near Pecan Park Boulevard. The biker was 34-years-old and died at the scene. His passenger, a 20-year-old woman was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries.

According to eyewitness testimony and the initial investigation into the accident by the police, the Chevrolet truck was headed east on the Boulevard and ran the red light on the 183 service road. The motorcyclist collided with the passenger’s side of the truck. None of the individuals involved in this crash showed signs of being under the influence, and the truck driver remained at the scene.

Until the investigation is completed by the police, it is difficult to know if there were any other factors that caused this accident. Although there is evidence to suggest that the truck ran a red light, it is not known if the motorcyclist was speeding, not paying attention or had mechanical issues.

Motorcycle accidents are often deadly and those who survive such collisions often need extensive medical care for a prolonged period of time or for the rest of their lives. In order to claim compensation after an accident, it is best to connect with an experienced motorcycle attorney who can inform you of your rights, walk you through how a lawsuit is filed and what you may expect as an outcome.

It is important to remember that after any accident you do not speak to any insurance company representative, sign any documents or allow any insurance company to tape an interview with you. Any information you provide will be used against you later. If you want to be able to claim the compensation you are entitled to and deserve, consult with your lawyer first.

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