Lawsuit alleges trucker drove recklessly

According to the statement of claim in this lawsuit, a Longview couple were left badly injured when a trucker, employed by a bottled water supply company, crashed into their vehicle. The suit alleges the company negligently entrusted a delivery truck to a reckless employee. It is further alleged the trucker was texting while driving, did not apply his brakes in a timely manner, was tailgating and did not maintain proper control of his truck.

The accident happened in 2014 when the truck collided with the couples’ vehicle causing them to sustain severe physical and mental pain, loss of consortium and enormous expenses for various treatments and medical care.

Should the facts of this case be proven in court, there is a good chance the trucker and the company he worked for will be found responsible for the accident and liable to pay damages assessed by the jury. In Texas, the doctrine of respondeat superior applies in cases such as this — meaning an employer or other principle can be held responsible for the wrongful acts of an employee is the act occurred within the scope of the job.

Based on the stated facts of the case, the driver was employed by the bottled water supply company was allegedly texting while driving on-the-job, the doctrine may be applicable.  If you or a loved one are involved in an accident and need a truck accident lawyer, contact us today.