Pokemon Go – The NextGen Cause of Distracted Driving

NextGen is typically referred to as the next generation behind the baby boomers – the kids that have it all and perhaps still really have nothing; the kids that have the tech and tools to be connected electronically at all times – good or bad.

While it is bad enough that teens and adults indulge in texting while driving (distracted driving) the latest craze, Pokemon Go, has added another level of danger to the mix. Playing games while driving is distracted driving and it can kill or maim without being selective. It is as much a killer as texting or using any form of social media.

Playing a game means gamers are not paying attention to their surroundings. The consequences of that can be hilarious, serious or catastrophic. Studies are showing that distracted driving is just as bad, if not worse that DWI, and yet people don’t seem to take that into consideration while driving. Playing a game while behind the wheel comes with a whole lifetime of serious consequences if the person is involved in an accident.

It should be commonsense not to play a game and drive, or text and drive, or connect to other social media platforms and drive. However, accident statistics say otherwise. What is the issue? It’s mostly related to the human train of thought that figures nothing is going to happen to them because they are very careful. Sadly, it only takes one quick moment of inattention to get killed while not paying attention. People need to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

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