Midland, Texas, shoots photos of drunk drivers

Taken out of context and without knowing the full story behind the flashy big billboard in Midland, the message Midland Shoots Drunk Drivers, is making people stop and think about drinking and driving. It’s a sign that captures driver’s attention.

Some drivers seeing the sign for the first time question whether or not it is real — would the city actually shoot drunk drivers? Once the true meaning of the billboard is understood, that the city shoots pictures of drunk drivers, the message has been driven home. Drunk driving kills; it’s just that simple.

Midland is extremely serious about getting drunk drivers off the roads, and law enforcement officials are constantly looking for and taking pictures of drunk drivers. Their mission is to keep the citizens of Midland safe from DWI drivers.

Would a similar billboard work in other Texas cities that have a significant drunk driving problem? It’s difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, Texas is one of the top states with the worst record for drunk driving crashes.

To read the numbers for yourself, check out: http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot/trf/crash-statistics/2014/01.pdf

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