Driving means paying attention to the road only

With the number of distracted driving accidents on the rise, local law enforcement is advising that when people drive, they must do just that — drive and pay attention. The life they save may be their own.

On a recent weekend on country roads there was an extremely high rate of accidents attributed, in part, to distracted driving. Consider the several accidents on Texas 71 and Texas 95 that resulted in firefighters from Bastrop County Emergency Services District No. 2 responding to nine calls in 12 hours.

From a single vehicle rollover to a Jeep and school bus colliding, the 12-hour period was non-stop rescue work to save the lives of those involved in accidents. Some victims were airlifted to hospitals, some treated at the scene and some were declared dead.

Local law enforcement were experiencing a high volume of calls as well and in many instances found themselves just finishing up with one accident and having to attend yet another one a few miles away.

It’s a no-brainer that texting while driving, or using any other mobile device while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, can kill. And it is not just using electronics that may cost someone their life. It could be someone eating a burger, putting on makeup, adjusting the volume on the radio, reaching down to pickup something on the floor or daydreaming. It only takes one second to lose control of a vehicle and become involved in an accident that results in serious injuries or death.

Whatever needs to be said to someone can wait. Do not text and drive. You may not make it home alive.

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