After tenth drunk driving conviction, man gets jail

Ivy Eberhardt, 62, of Weatherford, Texas, was finally sentenced to life in prison in light of his tenth drunk driving conviction since the 1980s. His driving record is even more dismal: 10 DWI convictions and 12 DWI arrests. The sentencing judge resorted to putting Eberhardt in prison as it was the only way he could keep the public safe by keeping the man off the streets.

Despite serving three prison terms for various DUI offenses, Eberhardt remained an avid and unrepentant drinker. Eberhardt landed in jail for the umpteenth time in April 2014 when stopped in Parker County. His blood alcohol content was four times the legal driving limit of 0.08. Even though he was freed on bond for that incident, he cut off his e-cuff monitor and fled to Colorado. It was not too surprising that he was arrested for drunken driving while there.

Our firm represents plaintiffs that have been harmed by negligent, drunk drivers. Plaintiffs need a voice to pursue their case through court in order to obtain compensation for their injuries and medical bills. While DUI cases land in criminal courts, plaintiffs are free to file a civil, personal injury lawsuit.

Never deal with an insurance company if you have been involved in an accident with another driver, drunk or not. They are not your friends and will work to discredit anything you may say, or will attempt to prove any injuries you sustained are pre-existing to diminish or dismiss your claim. Speak only to an experienced personal injury attorney to get actual justice and the settlement or court award you deserve.

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