Oil field boom causes uptick in vehicle wrecks

Virtually every day it seems there is another accident involving a big rig. Recently, five were killed in an accident with a crude oil tanker truck. It went up in a flames on impact. After the truck swerved to avoid a pickup truck, the tanker rolled over onto its side. A van traveling in the same direction as the tanker then hit the truck, along with another vehicle. Eyewitnesses to the accident said they had never seen a truck go up in flames so fast.

Texas Highway 83 in north Dimmit and Webb counties is becoming a concern for those who travel it daily and for law enforcement, who witness the aftermath of collisions involving big trucks — mostly associated with the increased activity in the oil industry.

There are more 18-wheelers and other large trucks on the road than ever before. This horrific crash serves as a reminder to all to slow down, look twice and travel with due care and attention on Texas highways, particularly where there is an increase in large commercial trucking traffic.

Accidents like this one are on the rise since the oil boom started in the Eagle Ford Shale Region, with trucks continually driving to and from rig sites. The big oil tankers are a real concern because they do tend to explode when involved in an accident. 2012 was a bad year with one six-month period showing 12 deaths — 12 times the number who died in traffic accidents in 2008.

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