Dallas faces reconfiguring a poorly designed street that resulted in a sudden death

The street that Emily Javadi lived on was notorious for accidents. Javadi had parked her vehicle and was on the curb, reaching into the backseat. She was heading for the local gym.

Seconds later a speeding vehicle rammed into her car, catapulting Javadi into a metal pole. Although she arrived at the hospital alive, she succumbed to her injuries later. According to the police report, 23-year-old Travis Elwell, allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, was behind the wheel of his car when he slammed into her parked car. He did not see the parked vehicle or Javadi. He was subsequently charged with intoxication manslaughter.

A sudden death may prompt political action and result in either new legislation or the rectification of an issue that affects traffic flow and patterns. Such was the case associated with this incident. Dallas city councilman Philip Kingston stated the stretch of avenue where this accident happened was not designed correctly. It is a long, multi-lane, flat stretch of road made for high-speed travel. Most people along that deadly stretch of McKinney Avenue say that it does not matter what the posted speed limit is, no one travels at that speed.

It appears the city may consider turning McKinney Avenue into a two-way street and incorporate other features to slow traffic down.

Our office continues to be the voice of victims of drunk drivers. If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, we can assist you.

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