Motorcycle Collisions Commonly Occur at Intersections

Motorcycle fatality statistics for Texas show that there were 500 deaths in 2014. There are more than 440,000 mopeds and motorcyclists registered in the Lone Star State, and the number shows every sign of increasing rapidly. The higher the numbers, the more often there are motorcycle accidents involving serious injuries or death.

Law enforcement sees far too many motorcycle accidents and knows what causes the vast majority of the collisions — often, drivers simply do not see the bikers. Even if a motorcyclist is driving safely and taking care to watch the road and other drivers, they cannot factor in a car that does not see them, does not look before they change lanes or does not double-check an intersection.

It is ultimately up to a driver to vigilantly watch for motorcycles. It is also up to the driver to follow the rules of the road, and that includes using signal lights when anticipating a lane change, not changing a lane without any warning. Take special care in intersections as well, as they are one of the most common places where accidents happen.

According to police, most motorcycles can be heard, so taking the time to look and listen might save a life. And don’t look just once, look twice. Always be prepared to take some form of action if necessary. Many bikers wear helmets, but not enough of them follow that life-saving safety tip. Of the 500 deaths in 2014, only 47 percent of those involved in wrecks were wearing helmets.

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