Charges of intoxication manslaughter and driving without a license in an accident in which two children died

Three victims made it out of this accident alive, but only barely. Crystal Draper and her two sons remain in hospital recovering from critical injuries sustained in a horrific wreck caused by an inebriated driver. Kirsten Draper, 10 and Koby Draper, 15 died at the scene of the accident caused by 45-year-old John Alvaredo.

Kris Draper, 13 and Kody Draper, 16, along with their mom, were immediately rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency medical care. They were listed in critical but stable condition.

Police charged Alvarado with driving without a valid license and two counts of intoxication manslaughter. Arrest records indicate that Alvarado’s speech was still slurred and his eyes bloodshot several hours after the crash. Although the intersection where the crash happened is usually regarded as a dangerous one due to its layout, the mother was in the far left-hand turn lane. The other two lanes are usually for faster moving vehicles.

The Texas Department of Transportation is planning to add additional lanes, a traffic signal, and shoulders at U.S. 183 and RM 1869, north of Liberty Hill and also add a center turn lane and shoulders at U.S. 183 and County Road 258, just north of SH 29. It will be too late for Kirsten and Koby, but it may save the lives of others.

According to eyewitness reports, the vehicle Alvaredo was driving slammed into the back of the Draper car as it was waiting to turn into their neighborhood. By the time

Crystal and her two sons are released from the hospital, their medical bills will be astronomical. The family is facing funeral and burial costs as well.

Accidents like the one described are devastating for everyone involved, including the drunk driver. However, Alvaredo made a choice to get behind the wheel of his vehicle while so drunk that hours after the accident he still could not speak coherently. That choice was negligent and after criminal charges have been processed and possibly a criminal trial concluded, the Draper family may wish to file wrongful death lawsuits and personal injury lawsuits. One can only hope that there is insurance money on the table from Alvaredo’s insurer that may be recovered to help the Draper family pay their bills.

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