Biker found dead at base of light pole

In a puzzling and shocking accident, a man lost his life after being catapulted off his motorcycle into a light pole. Allegedly, no one witnessed the accident, and a man walking his dog found the biker’s body several hours later. Only the engine of the motorcycle was recognizable in its ruins, and the force of the impact was so great that it broke the pole.

The 29-year-old victim somehow jumped a nearby bridge barrier and clipped the light pole. According to family members notified of his death, the motorcyclist was highly experienced and considered to be a good driver. Police at the scene struggled to determine the cause of the accident. It is possible, though currently unproven, that the man was involved in an immediately preceding accident in which another vehicle crowded him off the road or sideswiped him. Police have scoured the accident scene for evidence of the presence of another vehicle, and they have called for any eyewitnesses in the area earlier the day the man died.

If another vehicle was indeed involved, its driver fled the scene. He or she may be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and vehicular manslaughter; related charges may extend to driving while under the influence or texting while driving. If another vehicle was present and caused the biker to leap the bridge barrier, the driver could be held financially and legally liable for the man’s wrongful death. Surviving members of the man’s family may also file a wrongful death lawsuit if negligence played a part in his death.

If the accident was due to a design fault involving the bridge, or if there was something wrong with the roadway at that location, the city may play a part in a lawsuit. According to pedestrians and residents in the area of the bridge, this was not the location’s first accident.

Wrongful death lawsuits are filed under the auspices of a state statue, and filing deadlines vary. In the aftermath of such a situation, consult a competent injury lawyer for advice. If you miss the deadline according to the Statute of Limitations in your state, no further action is possible.

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