Leave the Phone on the Dash

No message is important enough to merit texting while driving. Ask the financial advisor who survived a wreck when a texting driver collided with him at 55 mph. The teen was telling his father that he was on the way home from church. The man’s family and passengers were able to walk away from the wreck, but he was not so lucky. He sustained two broken hips, a broken nose, a collapsed lung, a dislocated femur, a fractured hip and a broken collarbone.

After five years of recovery, the man resumed his career and added a second, more personal mission. He has now become an event speaker, publically outlining the risks of texting behind the wheel. His presentations vividly demonstrate that people should leave their phones where they cannot reach or use them while they are driving.

A single moment of inattention from a texting driver left a whole family in a terrible state for five long, hard years. The young man did not see cars in front of him slowing down on the highway. He rear-ended them and bounced into oncoming traffic and into the path of another vehicle. The force of the crash pinned the driver between the dashboard and seat. Was the text worth it?

Think twice before using a cellphone while driving. Put it in the trunk. Put it in the glove box. Turn it off. Leave it at home. Protect your life and the lives of others.

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