Motorcyclist Dies After SUV Turns Without Checking for Other Traffic

After many motorcycle-automobile accidents, the automobile’s driver reports that he or she failed to see the biker on the road. Typically, this deadly oversight happens when a driver is not paying proper attention. One recent afternoon, a San Marcos biker sustained serious injuries after striking the side of an SUV at the intersection of TX 71 and RM 962. He did not survive the accident.

According to the driver of the SUV, he never saw the other vehicle before he turned left onto the highway. At the scene, police charged the Nissan Pathfinder driver with failing to yield right-of-way to the motorcyclist. Drivers have a duty to remain alert and aware of all other traffic around them — even more so if they have stopped at an intersection prior to making a turn or decision.

Tragically, not all motorcyclists will survive an accident. But an injured, surviving driver needs the services of experienced legal counsel to help them obtain compensation for their injuries and medical costs. Many drivers insist that bikers cause most accidents by exceeding the speed limit. In reality, automobile drivers are usually at fault; they may drive while distracted or fail to look out for concealed and inconspicuous traffic. In this case, a man lost his life because an SUV driver did not conduct a proper check for all types of traffic coming his way. Such cases often involve negligence and as such, the biker’s estate is fully entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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