San Antonio man found guilty of murder for drunk driving accident

In this case, a San Antonio biker with a blood alcohol content of 0.089, killed his fiancée in a motorcycle crash. He had record of two previous DWI charges before the latest accident ended the life of the woman he planned to marry.

Although the woman, who was alive when paramedics arrived on the scene, made it to the hospital, she died as a result of her injuries: blunt-force trauma to the head and abdomen, a broken neck and a nearly severed foot. Paramedics advised the police the man was attempting to put the woman back on the motorcycle when they arrived.

At trial, the biker’s defense counsel suggested the woman was the cause of the accident, as she had a high blood-alcohol level, as well. Prosecutors believe this action demonstrated that he was not innocent. Accordingly, they proceeded to charge him with murder, instead of intoxication manslaughter. In an attempt to crack down on DWI in Bexar County, which includes San Antonio, local prosecutors believe upgrading the charges will ultimately reduce the number of multiple DWI convictions.

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