Distracted driving statistics are chilling

As the number of mobile devices designed for use in a moving vehicle increases, so do deaths related to their use.

A recently released report showed that Americans, as a nation, talk, text and drive much more than Europeans. This is not a contest. However, it does show that texting, talking and webbing are serious issues worldwide. It’s not much to be proud of when you then look at the number of deaths caused by this behavior. As chilling as this may be, technology is nice to stay in touch, but if you’re doing that while you’re driving and it kills you, what does that say about human behavior? Make no mistake, the technology does not kill —- the inattention of the driver using it does.

The statistics about texting and driving tell a horrific story. Just about 69 percent of surveyed drivers indicated they talked on a cell while driving. Thirty-one percent said it was something they did regularly and 31 percent admitted they had sent texts while driving. The highest number of drivers that text while driving are young adults, which is no surprise, as they seem to think they are immortal. The fact is that two tons of metal hurtling down the road with a distracted driver can result in an enormous amount of damage, seriously injure or kill someone. Is that text conversation important enough to lose your life over?

If you consider everything that can be done in the car, or other vehicle, everything that takes your eyes off the road is a distraction —- from fiddling with the heater to searching for a radio station and from webbing the Net on and iPad to texting on a smartphone. Sending and receiving a text means the driver is not looking at the road for at least 4.6 seconds. If the driver is traveling at 55 mph, in 4.6 seconds, they have gone more than the length of a football field. Check out this website for the full story: distraction.gov

For a further eye-opening read, over 3,331 Americans lost their lives in car wrecks involving a distracted driver. Nearly 400,000 were injured. It’s estimated that one in every five crashes is the result of someone driving while distracted. The numbers speak for themselves.

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