Inattention While Driving a Big Rig is Deadly

If you are driving an 18-wheeler down the highway, it is a good idea to watch where you are going. That did not happen in this crash.

No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, it is your duty to pay attention to where you are going and obey the rules of the road. It is also a good idea to obey posted signs and monitor traffic conditions. Really, these are common sense things to do.

Unfortunately, truckers are human and humans do make mistakes. However, making a mistake when you are driving a massive vehicle that can kill in an instant is something no one can ever undo.

In this reported case, a semi caused a three-car wreck that killed two. The trucker was hauling a flat bed, and was not paying that much attention to what was happening on the road in front of him. The traffic had started to slow directly in front of his rig, and traffic further on had stopped due to construction. At the time of the accident, the highway was down to a single lane for all the work that was underway.

As the trucker rapidly came up behind a box trailer, he did not even slam on the brakes. Instead, he rammed into the other vehicle with such force that he was killed instantly along with his female passenger, who had been in the sleeping berth. On impact, the truck shoved the box trailer forward into two other trailers in front of him, causing a chain of rear-end accidents. The posted speed limit in the area was 45 miles per hour because of the construction. It is safe to say the dead trucker was not going the speed limit when he rear-ended the box trailer.

This messy accident closed the highway down for eight and a half hours while crews tried to free the two dead semi occupants and clean up the debris that had been scattered all over the road. It was one of the worst accident scenes the police had seen. Emergency crews took the driver of the box trailer to the nearest hospital for medical treatment where his condition was listed as serious, but stable.

Who knows what caused this crash, other than it is clear that the trucker was not paying attention to traffic in front of him. Was he on the phone? Under the influence? Texting? Falling asleep? There are lots of unanswered questions, but there is one question with a clear answer. Was this trucker negligent? Yes, no question, and the family of the woman who died in the truck with him may want to discuss this case with an Austin personal injury attorney.

As for the other trucker in hospital, his first call will also likely be to a competent Austin injury lawyer to find out how he can recover costs for his medical bills and other expenses related to the accident. Do not wait to make that call. Time is critical in cases like this.

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