Flash Fire Kills One At Job Site

People do not get up in the morning to get ready for work thinking that they may never come home again. Unfortunately, jobsite accidents are quite common.

The two men involved in this serious flash fire did not see it coming. They went to work, just like they usually do, expecting to put in their labor and go home at the end of the day. Both men were maintenance workers who worked for an industrial plant.

For some unknown reason, an electrical short caused a flash fire, which involved some materials in the plant. The men were severely burned. EMC crews transported the men to the hospital for medical treatment. One man unfortunately succumbed to his injuries after he arrived at the hospital. The other was listed as in critical condition.

Any time an accident like this happens in the workplace, the Occupational Health and Safety department also conduct their own investigation, as there a many questions that need to be answered with regard to this case. For instance, how did the fire start? While it is known that a flash fire caused the death and the injury, what started that fire?

Were the wires in the area where the fire started worn out and in poor repair? Had someone previously repaired wires or worked with them and not done a proper job? Was this a pre-existing hazard that plant management knew about but did nothing to remedy it? Had this happened before? These and the answers to other crucial questions about the accident are part and parcel of putting together a solid personal injury case for the one man and a possibly a wrongful death claim for the other.

In both instances there would need to be the element of negligence present – meaning that someone had been negligent in not taking care of the electrical problem prior to this fire, that the short was caused by someone’s negligence or was the result of defective equipment not properly manufactured or maintained.

Flash fires have a habit of happening in workplaces where flammable dust or gas gets mixed with air in a deadly combination that results in a raging conflagration. With this type of fire, the flames spread at what is referred to as subsonic speed. The major part of the damage inflicted on the victims comes from thermal radiation and secondary fires.

Inhaling heated air causes serious lung damage and may result in death by asphyxiation. Fires like this have also been knows to inflict smoke burns. When a flash fire happens in an enclosed area, it eats the oxygen in the air and produces copious quantities of smoke. Those who have been in situations like this and made it out alive are lucky, as they could have perished due to smoke inhalation or asphyxiation.

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