Product Recalls of Dangerous Goods

It happens far more often than we’d like; the massive recall of a product we bought at the store. We didn’t expect it would hurt us, but it did hurt someone.

It’s a reasonable expectation that the goods we find on the shelf in the local big box retailer are safe for us to go ahead and use. If we also make sure to use the products as they are labeled, then this should make us even safer, and for the most part it does. We follow directions and instructions and things go pretty well, and then – it happens.

The accident we never saw coming happens because it just isn’t possible to label and warn everyone using a particular product about all of the “potential” dangers that the product poses. The honest to goodness reality of life in the 21st century is that people who use the products can come up with more ways to use them than originally intended by the manufacturer. If you have been hurt by a defective product, it’s a smart move to speak to an Austin personal injury attorney.

Another wrinkle in dangerous product situations is a gap between the industry regulations and rule watchdogs, and the makers of the products reviewed before they are launched into the public domain. This opens up a hole big enough to drive an Army tank through; a crack in the regulations that may threaten the safety and even the lives of end users. It’s for reasons like this that victims of defective or dangerous goods have the ability to file a lawsuit against a negligent manufacturer. Taking the time to consult with an Austin personal injury attorney would clarify if you have a solid case or not.

Of course, negligence does need to be proved in order for the case to successfully conclude in an award for damages as a result of personal injuries sustained using a certain product. In a good majority of the cases in this area of the law, financial compensation may be requested for punitive damages, emotional distress, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

In this day and age, it is surprising the sheer number of products seemingly recalled on a daily basis. While just about any kind of a product may be recalled, there are some that seem to be in the recall limelight more often such as drugs, automobiles, car parts, children’s toys, fresh and frozen meat (usually beef), fresh produce (usually spinach and lettuce) and children’s furniture or other equipment. One more recent example is the massive recall of over 59 million Roman roll up blinds in Canada and the US; blinds that caused children to die as a result of strangulation from getting tangled in the cords.

Generally speaking recalls are only issued if the defective product has been responsible for numerous accidents or deaths, and it’s unfortunate that death has to occur prior to a recall being issued for some products. In most recalls involving children’s toys for instance, the usual reasons involve choking on small parts; lead paint on toys (usually imported); defective or dangerous designs; deadly side effects (drugs); chemical irregularities; and contaminated meats and other produce.

If you or someone you love has been injured by a product that has since been recalled or which you believe should be recalled, then it is important that you speak with an experienced Austin personal injury attorney.

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