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Premises Liability

Injuries in Apartments, Hotels and Dangerous Buildings

Premises liability, otherwise called slip, trip and fall law, generally deals with injuries that happened on the land/property of another person. In other words if you slip, trip or fall on the property of another person, you may be able to bring a claim for personal injury. This is because premises law holds, in general, the owner or occupier of that property is responsible for accidents that happen on their property.

In the slip, trip and fall choices, the most common accident is usually the plain Jane slip and fall. This is not to say that this is the only area in which premises liability exists. There are other more serious injuries that may mean the injured victim has grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

In just about all jurisdictions, the owner/occupier’s liability depends on what the “status” of the injured victim happens to be. In general, there are usually three classes that injured victims would fall into, and the first one would be classed as an “invitee.”

The invitee is a person who was clearly given an invitation to come onto the property belonging to another person. If this is the case, anyone who is invited onto the property is owed the highest standard/duty of care. That standard requires the owner taking every “reasonable” precaution to make sure the invited person is safe on their land.

The second category relates to licensees, or in other words, a person who comes onto the property for their own purposes, but is still there with the express consent of the property owner/occupier. In this instance, the owner is mandated to warn the licensee of any hidden dangers on the property, however, that does not include being required to fix them.

The third category is that of trespasser, or a person who is on someone’s property without permission and without any right to be there. This is an interesting category, because in general, if a trespasser is injured, the owner has no duty of care to keep his property safe or warn anyone of dangers. Having said that however, if the trespasser is able to show that the property owner knew it was “likely” trespassers would come on the land; they may still be able to claim damages.

If you have suffered an injury as the result of a slip, trip or fall or premises liability injury, make sure you take the time to consult with an attorney who is experienced in this area. You need to be able to protect your legal rights and have access to compensation if your case has the potential to go to court. Speak to us about your case. We know the value of loyalty, honesty and honor, something our clients deeply appreciate.

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