Austin Car Crashes Lawyer

Austin Car Accident lawyer

When you’ve been hurt in an accident you may wonder whether you need an Austin car accident lawyer before you speak to the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are normally very quick to call and ask you for a verbal or written statement after an accident. While you do have a duty to cooperate with your insurance company, you are under no legal duty to give a statement to the insurance company for the other driver. Generally, it is better to hire a lawyer before you give a statement to any insurance representative.

It is highly recommended you contact us immediately after an auto accident. Skid marks, scuffmarks, and other physical evidence are often gone within days if not hours of an accident. Once an insurance adjuster evaluates your car at the tow lot, it could be moved between tow lots or salvage pools, increasing the likelihood of losing critical evidence such as paint transfers, brake or light bulbs, or other critical evidence. The more physical evidence we can preserve, the more evidence we have to convince an insurance adjuster or jury of what happened to cause your accident.

Getting medical treatment

Car accident injuries create some unique challenges for many people. For instance, did you know that some health insurance plans will not cover your car accident injuries? If you health insurance does cover your injuries, they will very likely put a lien on any settlement or verdict you receive to recoup any money they have paid. We sometimes work with doctors and health care providers to treat our clients while the case is pending. Some doctors are willing to treat patients under an agreement where they get a lien for the treatment provided until the case is resolved.

Investigate and champion for you

Our Austin car accident lawyers have years of experience in helping people navigate through the settlement process. We will collect the evidence showing how the accident happened, document your injuries with your doctors and treatment providers, and gather the records necessary to show your lost wages and other economic harms you’ve suffered. Our team of professional staff are experts at helping you understand every step of the process.

Police officers work diligently to make sure their reports are accurate. Sometimes, however, our clients tell us the police report is wrong. In these cases we will investigate the accident, interview witnesses, and talk to the police for you in order to try to get an accurate supplemental report. Insurance companies rely on police reports in determining fault, so it’s critical the report is accurate. Each department has their own standards for when they will file a supplemental report, and there is often a high standard to prove the inaccuracy in a report.

How do Austin car accident lawyers get paid?

Like most Austin car accident lawyers, we typically work on a contingency basis. That means, we will spend the money up front to work your case, and invest our time and expertise on your case with no upfront charge to you. We then get a percentage of the fee when and if we collect money for you. The money we pay for expenses in the case are usually not collected until we get money for you through settlement or trial.