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We have and continue to help, countless victims of car and truck accidents in the Austin, TX area. It’s important that you always speak to an attorney before accepting a settlement for any automotive accident. And remember, we get paid ONLY AFTER we WIN your case!

It happens more often than it should. You’ve been injured in an auto accident, and someone else might be at fault. In fact, several other parties might be at fault. You may end up seeing a doctor or even spending time in a hospital due to your injuries. Because you are wisely concentrating on your recovery, you aren’t necessarily considering the future ramifications of your actions.

The relative chaos that follows an accident, injury or other misfortune often works against us in ways we don’t think about at the time. For example, it might be days or even weeks before you consider the question of whether you should seek some kind of compensation. Then, it might be weeks or months before you actually get in touch with someone who can help you, like an Austin personal injury attorney. During that delay, crucial things are taking place that can come back to haunt you later, both physically and financially.

Here are some things to consider if you have been in an accident that leaves you with medical bills, pain and suffering and other damages.

Gathering Evidence

From a legal standpoint, the scene of an accident that might become the subject of a personal injury case is exactly like a crime scene. Minutes count when the police arrive at a crime scene, because key evidence begins to deteriorate the very moment the illegal act ends. While it might seem like hyperbole to treat a simple accident like a crime scene, the truth is your ability to recreate the conditions that led to your injury is absolutely vital to any chance you have of recovering damages and making yourself whole.

For example, if you slip on a brick staircase, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to show the jury a picture of the unattended damage to the stonework four months later? If you fall on those stairs, your Austin personal injury lawyer is going to be quite gratified if you can demonstrate with hard evidence there was no railing and no way to steady yourself at the time of the accident.

You can be sure if that railing is truly a compelling legal issue, your defendant might elect to install one before your case goes to trial. Granted, you might be able to prove the work was done after your accident, but you can’t prove the new railing didn’t replace an old one. That is, unless you gather evidence in a timely manner.

Documenting Damages of Personal Injury

If you are injured or are in an accident and retain a personal injury lawyer in Austin, TX. in a timely fashion, he or she is going to think about things like proving injury six months hence. Your attorney is not just going to pull your medical bills. They will ask the doctor the extent of your injuries, and how they might have been caused.

Finding out the “how” and “when” of an injury is something anyone can do with the appropriate documentation. But finding out the “why” and tying it to a strong case for reimbursement of those injuries and medical bills is something that must be done by someone who knows the law.

Again, this process is not unlike tracking down a suspect in a criminal investigation. It isn’t the police who decide what crime was committed. While they can gather information and make recommendations, only an attorney can look at the facts and decide how they relate to the law. The exact same circumstances exist in any situation where you have a legal claim. If the injury turns out to be your fault, you’re going to have a very difficult time blaming someone else. You can’t develop a preponderance of the evidence if you don’t have the documentation to do it.

Personal Injury Litigation

In our contentious society, civil cases are more likely to become elaborate, drawn-out disputes than in days past. Any attempt to recover damages – whether it be from a private party, a business, or an insurance company – is a process fraught with delay, posturing, hard negotiations, bluffing, and in a lot of instances, litigation. The truth is you have to be prepared to litigate from the very moment you incur any kind of injury that isn’t your fault. You can be stone cold certain your adversary will.

Thinking like a litigator will put most of the strategy for successfully pursuing your case in immediate perspective. The first thing you’ll learn is to keep quiet, something your attorney will heartily support as the days go by. Secondly, you’re going to become quite used to the idea that it is always better to let your attorney do the talking in any circumstance where your statements might turn up as evidence later. This is especially true if you find yourself before an insurance company or opposing counsel in a deposition. The average person has a natural habit of elaborating where they shouldn’t, and hesitating at inappropriate times. You might be completely sincere, but to a jury you might look like you’re searching for the truth (or composing it) instead of reciting. Attorneys, on the other hand, are trained to answer questions in ways that give opponents no advantages or new lines of inquiry.

Fighting for Your Personal Injuries

An Austin personal injury lawyer has a legal duty to zealously represent your interests at all times. What you say to your attorney is privileged and can never be used against you, even in a civil case. Your attorney is the one person in any legal matter who is absolutely bound to fight on your side. This is true from both an ethical and legal standpoint.

Having such an advocate is a powerful thing, which is why you will find them representing every wealthy person, company and corporation throughout society. Facing a complex legal matter without expert help and without a personal advocate is an unpleasant thought – especially when facing such burdens from a hospital bed or a kitchen table covered with bills you shouldn’t have to pay.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident in the Austin area, call or email us today for a free consultation on your case. It’s a decision you’ll be glad you made.