DWI Drivers

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, it is important you have an attorney investigating both the accident and the arrest of the drunk driver. A car accident is complicated enough without a drunk driver, but when one of the drivers is arrested for DWI, more attorneys get involved, and there is often issues with preserving evidence. If someone was seriously injured or killed, the police may put a hold on the vehicles until after the criminal trial is resolved. This may take months of even years, and may hurt your chances of preserving evidence.

DWI Detection and arrest
Our Drunk driving accident Attorneys understand the science of DWI detection, and know how to show a jury that the person who collided with you was intoxicated. Drunk driving detection relies on years of scientific study. Understanding that science of and the challenges to the science is important in a drunk driving accident case. Even if the drunk driver tested above the legal limit, they may still have defenses to the breath or blood test, as well as to the administration of the field sobriety tests. Understanding the validity of those defenses is vital to receiving a fair recovery.

Many DWI arrests have videos of the officer administering the field sobriety tests. We have a NHTSA Certified Field Sobriety Instructor on staff who understands what to look for, and how to evaluate both the officer’s administration, and the drunk driver’s performance on the field sobriety tests. He has taught the Standardized Field Sobriety Course to attorneys throughout the nation

There are both standardized and non-standardized field sobriety tests. Texas courts often allow evidence of these tests at trial, but the jury gets to determine how much weight to give the tests and gets to draw their own conclusion at to whether the driver was intoxicated. It’s important for drunk driving accident attorneys to understand the differences in these tests and be able to educate the jury on the reliability of the tests.

Failure to cooperate
Sometimes drunk drivers who injured other people in an accident will not talk to their insurance carrier or investigators until their criminal DWI case is resolved. When this happens their insurance company may deny coverage because the driver will not cooperate with them. If that happens it becomes important to work closely with the insurance company and the criminal defense attorney for the drunk driver to ensure coverage is not denied. We understand how to handle these delicate negotiations and will work with all parties to do our best to make sure you don’t lose the ability to recover for your injuries because of the criminal charge against the other driver.

Third Party Liability
Sometimes a person who served or supplied alcohol may be liable for injuries caused by an intoxicated driver. These cases are extremely rare, but there are a limited set of circumstances where the law applies to these third parties. Contact our Austin drunk driving accident attorneys to see if a third party may be liable for your injuries involving a drunk driver.