Boating accident in Texas reveals potential safety hazards

Waterfowlers face many dangerous conditions when out hunting. Consider the recent accident involving a 26-year-old man and his 5-year-old son. Both drowned in Lake Tawakoni in Texas while waterfowling.

Waterfowl hunting is a risky sport. Some of the dangers associated with the sport include: limited visibility, cold and unpredictable weather, overloaded and small vessels. If safety precautions are not strictly followed any accident can be a matter of life and death.

The father and son had been caught in a storm, and their 12-foot aluminum boat was found by Texas game wardens the day after they were reported missing. The little boy was found the first night of searching and the father found the next day. Neither of them were wearing a life jacket. The family dog, a Retriever, survived and managed to make it to shore.

Waterfowling boats are often loaded with heavy decoys and assorted hunting gear. Falling overboard while wearing thick layers of hunting clothes is very dangerous and can result in hypothermia. Unless a boater strictly follows the rules and regulations pertaining to safe boating, boating accidents will continue to occur.

Wear a life jacket – even over heavy winter clothing — and watching the weather can make a difference if an accident occurs.

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