Texas marks depressing milestone as anniversary of the last fatality free day arrives

Disturbingly, the last fatality free day Texas saw was November 7, 2000. Since then, 50,578 have died in collisions, which is higher than the death toll during the 9/11 attacks. TxDOT points out that something must be done to stop the carnage.

In order to focus a spotlight on the high number of deaths on the highways, TxDOT invited the public to share stories of loved ones lost in vehicle accidents during the month of November. They asked for videos and pictures to be shared with the hashtag #EndTheStreakTX. Despite the fact that this campaign has been running since 2000, being involved in a fatal car crash seems to still be a deadly reality for many Texans.

In 2015, there were 987 alcohol related deaths, distracted driving killed 482 and 907 fatalities were due to people not wearing seat belts. In Bexar County alone, the last three years have witnessed over 200 alcohol related collisions. Despite the fact that many people know not to drink and drive, they do it anyway because they think it is okay to have a drink and then get behind the wheel.

Want to help stop the escalating accident rate in Texas? Check out the #EndTheStreakTX campaign at TxDOT online.