Man involved in a head-on crash seeks to be hidden by store clerks

The head-on crash in this story happened in an intersection in eastern Montgomery County. The wreck involved a 56-year-old man and a teenager. The teen managed to make it out of the crash unscathed, but the man left the scene. He ran to a gas station across the street, where he begged the store clerks to hide him.

It was revealed later that the man had a blood alcohol content of .184, twice the legal limit. As it subsequently turned out, this particular felony crash was the man’s ninth DWI conviction. He received a life sentence to prevent him from killing anyone. By the time he is eligible for parole, he will be 85.

Texas prisons are filling up fast with repeat DWI offenders and many wonder if that is the right place to put them. Repeat offenders number 1 in 20 inside prisons. While that does not sound like a high number, it represents over 6,600 inmates in 2015. It costs the state $153 million per year to keep DWI offenders in jail.

Statistics show that 22 percent of repeat DWI offenders are sentenced to serve over a decade — a few hundred are serving sentences for over 40 years. Currently there are 34 prisoners serving life for repeat DWI convictions.

If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver we are plaintiff’s attorneys, representing the victim in such cases.

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