The futuristic BMW motorcycle — too good to be true

BMW, long considered to be a forward thinking auto manufacturer, has now come up with a vision for the future of a safer, zero-emissions motorcycle. The company promises a future with no motorcycle accidents where helmets will not be necessary. A zero-emission, no helmet and no accident motorcycle is not only futuristic and misleading, but likely far-fetched.

The company’s future vision is suggesting their Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 is a self-balancing motorcycle that works in co-operation with a reality headset that offers riders navigational information, speed feedback and integrated rear-view mirrors and a superior view of the road they are traveling.

While the concept is sharp and futuristic and may even be successful, it begins to look implausible when BMW claims the VISION NEXT 100 will prevent accidents. Senior BMW VP Andrian van Hooydonk says: “Accidents will be a thing of the past.” At the same time, the head of BMW’s head of design, Edgar Heinrich that says: “In the future, we won’t have a helmet anymore.”
Accidents are an inseparable risk of motorcycle riding. In some cases, even if the rider was wearing a helmet, they still sustain life-threatening injuries. The BMW demo motorcycle is an exciting and thrilling concept, but even with improved motorcycle design, a helmet-free future seems unrealistic.

The implication that the BMQ Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 will prevent accidents is equivalent to the suggestion that self-driving cars do not get into accidents, a myth that has been disproved by several collisions and at least one death.

Think first. Research further. Be informed before believing in promises that sound too good to be true.

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