Local Texas governments pass texting while driving bans as no state law in place

College Station, Texas has taken a stand against texting while driving in light of the fact that there are no state laws in place in the state. Texas has so far not steadfastly brought in legislation to address texting while driving. Interestingly, the new ordinance also applies to cyclists.

In College Station, the recently passed law that goes into effect November 9, 2016, bans virtually all use of hand-held cellphones and other forms of wireless communications while driving. Some exceptions to the new legislation exist that allow the use of e-devices while fully stopped or calling for emergency help.

One has to wonder if the outlined penalties/fines for being caught texting while driving are going to send a strong enough message to those committing the offense to pay attention and not continue their behavior. Fines are to range from $25 to $200. Additionally, when the ordnance officially goes into effect, first time offenders do not get tickets, they get a warning as a form of grace period. In the meantime, the police hope to reach residents and educate them about the law, what it hopes to accomplish, when it goes into effect, what the fines are and why College Station has taken the stand it has.

The main question many motorists have, all across Texas, is why the legislature has not implemented a ban on texting while driving statewide. Such a law has, on several occasions, made it to the governor, only to be vetoed or dismissed for another reason. The Lone Star state is one of only four states across the U.S. that does not ban texting while driving.

The main questions for anyone that has been involved in a crash where a driver was texting while driving is how does the law stop that kind of behavior? Why are people allowed to participate in an action that can kill? Why aren’t the laws relating to texting and driving as strict as DWI laws?

The most frequently heard answer seems to be that people think laws do not apply to them. Meaning that even with laws in place, there are inevitably going to be people who do not think they have to obey the law and that nothing would ever happen to them. Wrong. Bad things can and do happen if texting while driving.

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