Drunken Driver Says GPS to Blame for Crash

Police officers hear many reasons why someone was driving while under the influence of alcohol. This excuse however may be reasonably original – bad GPS directions.

According to Moody police in Central Texas, a 28-year-old woman crashed into an outdoor picnic pavilion because she got bad directions from her GPS unit. The woman was driving with her 6-year-old son in the vehicle at the time of the crash. Her son sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Officers had the driver complete a field sobriety test, which the woman failed, She was charged with DWI, DWI with a child and endangering a child.

While this may have be a creative reason why the crash happened, the main reason it happened at all was because the woman was drunk. No amount of excuses or reasons changes the fact that if someone drinks and drives, they are committing a crime. Period.

They may get away with it a number of times, but their luck usually runs out at some point. Don’t drink and drive. Just don’t. This accident may have been minor but it could have been worse. Drinking and driving is “never” okay.

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