There were 24,410 crashes in Texas involving alcohol in 2014

Texas leads the nation in the number of deaths on the road due to drunk drivers. It’s a fact that law enforcement and DUI attorneys would like to change. The most important thing to remember is that you do not have to be 0.08 BAC or over to be impaired. For some people, even one drink impairs their judgment enough to make them a dangerous liability behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Just one drink may impair your vision, and affect your reflexes and judgment. By that time, it does not take much to distract a driver, and the consequences may be fatal.

Consider the statistics from last year on Labor Day: 21 died, 42 were seriously injured and 144 were jailed for DUI. Was drinking and driving the right way to spend the holiday when it ended in death, serious injuries and incarceration? Was that last drink worth the consequences? According to Texas law enforcement, there were 24,410 DUI collisions last year and at least 1,000 deaths. Being convicted of DUI in Texas has the potential to include fines up to $17,000, loss of a driver’s license and possibly time behind bars.

Some may think the DUI problem is only prevalent on land. That is not the case. Boating while under the influence is just as deadly. Last year Texas Game Wardens incarcerated 163 individuals for boating while inebriated.

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