Drunk driver with history of offenses kills homecoming king

Occasionally a drunk driver involved in a fatal accident has enough sobriety to realize that they killed someone by driving while inebriated. Just such an event happened in Minnesota when a drunken pickup truck driver collided head-on into a vehicle being driven by a 17-year-old homecoming king. The victim was an athlete, well-liked, involved with the school band and had plans to go to college. Scenes like this one occur daily on Texas roadways.

The teenager was about a mile from his home at 8:25 p.m. when the fatal accident happened. His sister and a friend were in the car with him. He died at the scene of the crash. The other two passengers made it out alive and survived their injuries. Found crawling on the ground by the wreckage was the driver of the pickup truck that collided with the teenager’s vehicle. Charles Hendricks, the pickup truck’s driver, was crying that he had killed someone.

Police arrested Hendricks, charging him with criminal-vehicular homicide, violating restrictions on his driving license and drunken driving. The police files showed Hendricks had been heading north when his pickup truck crossed the centerline and hit the teenager’s vehicle head-on. Police officers subsequently found a virtually empty bottle of vodka in the pickup. His driving record indicated the man had also been convicted of driving while suspended, speeding (four times), careless driving, driving without insurance and license plates, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault.

Accidents just like this one happen in every state, despite extensive “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaigns. The carnage drunken drivers’ cause on U.S. highways is devastating. Lee, Gober & Reyna represent plaintiffs in cases involving drunken drivers. We are very experienced in seeking fair and just compensation for victims involved in deadly crashes. To find out what your legal rights are, contact an attorney.

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