‘The happy song makes me happy,’ were a woman’s last words on Facebook

Texting while driving is never a good idea. Just seconds before a head-on collision, a woman posted to her Facebook account about how the happy song by Pharrell made her happy. The six words she used to express that sentiment were the last she ever texted. Courtney Sanford hit a recycling truck, after crossing the median. Taking her eyes off the road to text cost Sanford her life. Was it worth the risk, posting to friends and family while she was driving? Her friends and family do not think so.

The Facebook message was posted at 8:33 a.m., and one minute later the police received a call about a serious wreck. The collision sent both vehicles off the road. The trucker was not injured. Sanford’s car burst into flames. Even though she was wearing a seatbelt, it was not fastened properly, said police.

This is a graphic, distressing and timely reminder that texting while driving can and does kill. Death can happen in an instant. Never text while driving. Be responsible. Turn the phone off. Disable incoming messages. Do whatever you need to do to stay alive and make sure others are not killed because you took your eyes off the road to text something that could have waited until later.

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