Possible Distracted Driver Causes Fiery Crash

I-20 and mile marker 156 near Stanton, Texas was the recent scene of a horrific crash that sent one vehicle up in flames. It happened at about 4:00 p.m.

According to eyewitness reports and what the police were able to piece together, a pickup truck, heading east on I-20, veered out of the east travel lane, crossed the center median and ran straight into a big rig heading west. The head-on impact instantly killed 32-year-old James Alexander of Abilene and injured the trucker, Alfredo Varela.

It was not clear whether Alexander had been driving while distracted, under the influence or had mechanical issues with his vehicle. These unanswered questions will take time to be sorted out as the police progress with their investigation of the accident.

Any accident involving a big rig usually takes a long time to sort out due to jurisdictional issues and other matters, such as finding out what the truck was doing at the time of the impact. Even though it appears that Alexander caused the accident, there are questions about how fast the trucker was going, whether or not he could have avoided the accident, or if he was nodding off behind the wheel or texting.

Even though on the surface of things it looks like an open and shut case of Alexander crossing into the semi’s lane and hitting it head-on, accident scenes are rarely what they appear to be. This is one of the major reasons accident reconstruction is vital to building any case that may go to court. The reconstruction tells the police and attorneys just exactly what did happen. It also assists with assigning fault.

If you have been in an accident with a semi, seek legal counsel as soon as possible. All evidence at the scene needs to be preserved quickly before it vanishes or is altered.