Cop pulls over distracted driver, only to get hit by another texting driver

In a tale almost too bizarre to comprehend, an Oregon motorcycle police officer pulled over a driver for texting while driving on the Interstate, when a van ran into him from behind and ejected him from his motorcycle.

The 55-year-old van driver wasn’t paying attention to where he was going because he was using his cellphone. The 41-year-old trooper was taken to the nearest medical center for treatment and listed in stable condition. This is the ultimate graphic example of the dangers of distracted driving, and highlights the difficulties of enforcing such a law at the grassroots law enforcement level.

It’s a well known fact that distracted driving kills. Statistics demonstrate that no one is immune from the possibility of being involved in a deadly accident if they choose to text and drive, despite what they may think. Distracted driving choice exhibiting negligence, and that negligence is a main factor in apportioning accident liability.

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